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About Us, Our Family, & Neighborhood

2/4/20241 min read

Hi, My name is Marcela and I am a local, born and raised in Split, in Veli Varoš. As a tourist guide, I thrive on giving my guests the best opportunity to experience Split and its culture.

Micro Apartments SUNI are newly renovated micro studio apartments located in the heart of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Split. The apartments present a new micro living arragement where the focus is not on the size but rather the functionality. It consist of a king size bed with a small kitchenette, bathroom with a washing machine, dining area and a bunk bed, some areas are shared with other guests like the terrace and yard leading to the main entrance because buildings and houses in Varoš were build to accommodate old Varoš familys and their neighbors on one area so they shared gardens and court yards together, growing their own food and keeping animals like horses and donkeys for farming and transport.

Experience living in Split to the fullest!

The neighbourhood of Veli Varoš was once the only surrounding village of Diocletian's palace. The good people of Varoš have a reputation of being great hosts and excellent merchants, fishing and farming being the main source of income and life in the past. It is located west of the foot of the well-known hill Merjan (Marjan). It is well-known for hard-to-reach homes, small and close-knit, which are witness to the life of how it once was. Varoš is known for its peasant houses, small and narrow streets. The inhabitants of Varoš were once farmers and fishermen, and the former life is represented by the remains of preserved folk architecture. Today, the Varoš area has been largely used for tourist purposes and numerous apartments and rooms located mostly in old and renovated houses.

- Marcella